Judi Iranyi was born in Hungary at the close of World War II. Later she emigrated to Venezuela, and also lived in Trinidad, Barbados, and West Germany before moving to San Francisco in 1971.

Ms. Iranyi became interested in photography in the sixties. She studied photography and art at City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, U.C. Berkeley, and John F. Kennedy University. However, she worked as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker until her retirement.

Now that she is retired, Ms. Iranyi is dedicating her time to her photography.  Her book, “Bay Area Families,” was one of the ten jury selection mentions in the exhibit “Cover to Cover” at San Francisco Camerawork (2013) and she won Second Prize in Portraiture in the Professional Women Photographer’s 38th Anniversary International Women’s Competition (2014).

Artist Statement

Photography is an integral part of my life and has been since the birth of my son Michael. Now in my seventies, I now mostly reflect on my memories, issues of mortality, aging, and identity.

I photograph to remember both the people I have seen and the places I have been.

I seek simplicity, directness, and purity in my photographs by attempting to capture the dignity and substance of ordinary people in their natural environment. Everywhere I look there seems to be something interesting to photograph.

Photography for me is an act of distilling reality into my personal vision. A photograph becomes a way of communicating information about other people, places, and cultures.

My other life passions are traveling and literature and combined with photography, has allowed me to broaden my view of the world and appreciate different cultures.

I hope my photographs resonate with viewers.